Today’s Lest We Forget episode is about Grieving. 

Lisa Skinner discussed an excellent article about how grieving affects the brain, how we need to acknowledge and validate our feelings, and what complicated grief is.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed her personal experiences about grieving for her late husband, Barry. Lillian discussed the guilt she felt after Barry died, and how the holidays are very difficult.

Betsy Wurzel discussed her personal experiences with grieving for her late husband, Matt, and her older brother, Bradley. Betsy also mentioned how important it is to hold space for someone who is grieving, and gave some suggestions about what to say and what not to say to someone.

Betsy discussed the importance of acknowledging and validating your feelings, how important it is to care for your mental health, and how she honors Matt on special occasions.

Betsy has a poem: Grief is like clothing. Sometimes it is heavy like a coat and sometimes light like a sweater. Grief is always there because we wear it all the time!
Please consult with your Primary Care Physician for Mental Health Resources in your area.

Check your local Senior Center to see if they offer free counseling.

We are providing the Audio Commentary with Lisa, Betsy, and Lillian on Caregiving Grief and validation!

Audio #1:

Audio #2:

Contact Information:
Lisa Skinner’s resource
NPR- Health- Grieving: Click Here
Betsy Wurze Resources:  Highly recommends this support group: Global Grief Network Facebook: Click Here
Betsy Wurzel:
Chatting with Betsy Show: Click Here
#KickAlzheimersAssMovement: Click Here
Lisa Skinner:
Truth Lies & Alzheimer’s: Click Here
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Lillian Cauldwell:
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