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Dan show today is on the College Cheating Scandal.   I guess the rich have their way all the time  There will be some sort of trial to please the general public but we all know that they probably will see NO jail time.  These rich individuals believe they are above the law and they are probably right.

I know some individuals that work to help support their college children, if they are lucky to get into college.  The playing field is not fair for the rest of us.  However, I still believe that bad karma will come back to them.  Pay back is a B***h.   If you have any thoughts or comments send them to Dan.  His contact information is displayed in this blog.

Felicity Huffman and 13 other defendants will plead guilty in the college cheating scandal.
The school system in the US has clearly become as ripe for cheating as NCAA basketball ever was.
To fix it, we need to pass laws to cut down on bribery and wealthy students a bit, as well as turn to a national lottery to decide who gets to go where. It sounds extreme, but desperate times call for desperate measures
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