Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Susan Evelyn Lavoice. Susan had a successful career as a teacher but unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer. She fought the battle and came out victorious as a cancer survivor has not been easy sailing since the declaration of being cancer-free. Susan has mild cognitive impairment with amyloid plaques. She is participating in a clinical trial to clear up the plaques and develop a treatment for people who have the same medical problem.

Susan discussed how frustrating it was to get diagnosed. She was aware that something was wrong but no doctors believed her.  Something about her memory was a miss but her concerns fell on deaf ears. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence and many people suffer because medical professionals may refuse not to take action.

After the treatment did not fully solve the memory issues she had been experiencing, Susan decided that she wanted to do more for the cancer community. She began her involvement in a clinical trial. Although it can be a frightening experience, she highly encourages people to participate in clinical trials. She had a positive experience with her past trial and will be involved with another in the near future.

Listen to this Interview on the Journey, Susan endured with Doctors who would not listen to her:

Susan discusses how we all must be advocates for ourselves, question a doctor, and go for second opinions and a third if necessary!
You should always consult with your Primary Care Physician about any health or memory concerns!
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