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On this episode #2 of Lest We Forget, Lisa Skinner, Lillian Cauldwell, and Betsy Wurzel discussed immigration, the Golden Door Policy Period of Chinese immigration, how Hilter developed his ideology from the United States, how  Henry Ford had his Anti-Semitic philosophies written in his newspaper, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was concerned about public opinions about immigration, Eugenics in the United States, how Jews were experimented on in the concentration camps, and how people in USA were also experimented on without their knowledge.

We are providing some information about Jewish Genealogy, where you can take free seminars about Jewish History, and also where you can take courses for a fee on Judaic Studies. This information will be displayed in the Contact Information.
We are also providing Video and Audio Interviews for the continuing Jewish Discrimination and other Groups that were discriminated against for centuries. History is important and are we all aware of what happened in the past as well as the current times?   History keeps repeating itself until we all help to change the situation.
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Betsy Wurzel recommended these resources.
Facebook: Tracing the Tribe-Jewish Genealogy
Facebook:  Jewish Genealogy  Portal
The Shoah Foundation  Documentaries on YouTube are excellent to watch!
by Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, Sarah Botstein
Lisa Skinner’s Recommendation for books on this subject
Lillian Cauldwell:
Lisa Skinner:
Webpage: Lisa Skinner
Betsy Wurzel:
Webpage: Besty Wurzel
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