Have you heard the News on PWTR Finding Your Holy Grail


Yes, we are an Internet Radio but we are also now an Internet TV Station.  We are a multi Level Internet Company that will provide numerous ways to provide information to our listening audience.

There is so much exciting news for Passionate World Talk Radio.  We are launching the Holistic Division, to help many with locating assistants on where you can find help through our Internet RadioStation.  The first show produced under the  Holistic Division is “Finding Your Holy Grail with Host Dr. Mandy Simon. There will be more shows produced under Holistic Division in the near future.

We will be launching a Passionate World Talk Radio TV Channel.   There will be opportunities to place your bid to be on one of the Channels.  There will be more information as we work through the production of a TV Channel.

Passionate World Talk Radio Staff has been invited to Washington, D.C. for discussions on having a Satellite Office to producer News from the Hill.  The staff will be going to Washington, D.C. do interview some shows and discuss the project of a Satellite Office.  If we do launch, we will be located near Capital Hill.

We also launching a show called “The 1 Stop Author Shop”.  This show will provide Authors to do a Virtual Show, to discuss and promote their book.  It will be a virtual book stop in place of meeting the Author at a Book Store.

This is just the tip of the iceberg where our Internet Radio Station will be in the Internet World of Radio and TV.

So without further ado, introducing Lillian Cauldwell, CEO, and Founder of Passionate World Talk Radio: Click to watch this video with Lillian Cauldwell talking on the updates that will be happening on our Internet Radio Station.

To just listen to the Audio:  Click here to listen…

To contact Lillian Cauldwell, CEO  LSC@passionateworldtalkradio.com, or Jeanne White, Station Manager and the Director of the Holistic Division, jw@passionateworldtalkradio.com

I told Lillian that this news is great for two women at the helm of the Passionate World Talk Rado Station.

Make it a Brilliant Day
Jeanne White, Station Manager, Director of the Holistic Division
Passionate World Talk Radio

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