Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Leonard Lee Buschel an  American Publisher, Substance Abuse Counselor, Co-Founder  of Writers in Treatment  which supports recovery, The Arts, and the Executive Director of REEL Recovery Film Festival  focusing on Stories of addiction and recovery, and Author of “HIGH: Confessions a Cannabis Addict.”  Leonard discusses with Betsy his book, his background, his addiction, and how he realized he needed help.

Leonard also discusses the REEL Recovery Film Festival which will be in Los Angeles, California from Oct 21st to Oct 27th that will show classic films and guest speakers. They discuss the weekly Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin which is available for free on the website. Leonard also discusses how important self-care is and realizing your feelings.  Leonard talked on the New National Suicide Hot Line if they are suffering from depression and feel suicidal! The number is 988.
This interview has more information and we are providing the Audio Interview to listen to and share.

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New National Suicide Hot Line:
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