Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in.

The show has been taking a deep dive into key themes on living fearlessly in the post-pandemic world. In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon introduces The Healing Power of Forgiveness.

The show explores how the act of self-forgiveness constitutes an important part of the healing process. Healing the heart is about letting go and connecting with our inner truth.

This show features an inspiring interview with award-winning author, speaker & interpersonal life coach, Audreia Josephs. It was recorded as part of a 21-day online speaker series for the Finding Your Holy Grail Community.

Joseph’s states: “My strength was found in stillness. This is where I got to forgive myself for believing in the lies – that’s where the power stepped in because I no longer saw myself as the ugly duckling. I saw the beauty within and it started shining, the more I believed it. So, I walk around the world beaming bright because I’m comfortable in who I am”.

Audreia Josephs is an impressive survivor who now thrives. Having experienced sexual abuse at the age of eight and experiences of being a battered child at the hands of her mother for 10 years; she’s now an award-winning author, speaker & interpersonal life coach. Audreia Josephs specializes in the art of letting go. “The journey to healing the heart is all about practicing forgiveness from a non-denominational perspective”.

We talk about the damage caused by growing up in fear-based energies with a lack of self-love, and we recognize the importance of being still to reconnect with your inner truth. Audreia explains that “We are seed sowers, creating a legacy by sharing our gifts”; and she believes that “like pregnancy, the greatest amount of transformative change happens in the unseen world”.

To listen to this informative interview with Dr. Mandy Simon and Audreia Josephs:  Click here to listen…

I loved speaking with Audreia, and I am awed by her journey of self-healing through forgiveness.  I feel this is a beautiful story and I’d welcome your perspective – what’s your experience been like applying the art of letting go?

The Show’s Call to Action is to recognize that judgment is self-condemnation, and self-forgiveness is freedom.

  1. Recognize that judgment is self-condemnation and self-forgiveness is freedom.
  2. Center yourself in your loving heart by tapping into a feeling of oneness, a feeling of connectedness and compassion.
  3. Write down the judgments that you’ve held against yourself. These are the statements causing you mental and emotional pain, and the things that you hold against yourself.

Forgive yourself for each judgemental statement by providing a loving, compassionate, perspective on each one going forward.  For example, you might write, “I forgive myself”

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