Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in. In this episode, the show’s host, Dr. Mandy Simon, interviews Tedx Speaker, best-selling author and resilience expert Sandy Asch about the gifts of COVID. Sandy explains how the pandemic has required us to grow like never before. Forcing us to find our inner strength by leveling up our mental abilities. As we enter the second phase of lockdown. The […]

  OUR COMMON FAITH:  WHY DO INDIVIDUALS PRACTICE A SPLIT FAITH? Mrs. Berrah will be discussing the following:  The topic is common to all faiths. We could be Jewish, Christians  or Muslims. Most of us practice sometimes a split faith. This can be applied to Buddhists, Hinduists or other beliefs as well. To listen to this very inspiring interview with Mrs. Berrah on the subject of Faith:   Click here to listen… If you would prefer […]

This blog was written by Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah Host of Our Common Faith   Before starting our conversation l invite you to observe a moment of silence In honor of Covid-19 victims.  OUR COMMON FAITH –  WHY ARE PEOPLE SO AFRAID?  Fear is a topic common to all human beings because most people tend to be afraid,  1. FEAR IS INTRINSIC TO OUR HUMAN NATURE  It is a human inclination to display fear when confronted […]

  Dan Riley Host of Sports Talk discusses Mental Health and how Maurice Clarett plans on helping High School and College Athletes. Maurice Clarett plans to use his mental health problems at Ohio State to get high school and college athletes to look out for their mental heath-and deserves applause. Too often college students struggle with the same problem Clarett did, making college a disaster for many. Maurice Clarett maybe saving some futures! To listen […]

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