Sheila Wilson, President of Stop Health Care Violence, was a guest on Passionate World Talk Radio tonight with Jeanne White to give us an update on what is happening at Stop Health Care Violence.

There is much going on at Stop Health Care Violence with creating shows on Quincy Cable Station and much more.

To get in contact with Sheila Wilson on her personal Facebook page   Click Here

To join Sheila’s Group Heal the Healer from Workplace Violence and be part of the solution to help other Nurses in the journey to get to a  better place.  Please join this group to help in the movement to help your fellow workers in Health Care.  Please click here 

Also, you would be also interested in helping Sheila Wilson in her journey to help protect Nurses in the workplace, Please Join this page on Facebook  Please click here

Nothing happens if you do not get involved, but with many voices, you can move mountains.


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Contact Information:
Sheila Wilson
Website: StopHealth Care Violence 


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