Betsy’s special guest today is Delaney Parker, the talented author behind the captivating novel “Grace.” This thought-provoking work delves into the life of Margaret Hall, a mother grappling with Multiple Sclerosis, whose journey is entwined with her desires, struggles, and the complexities of her intimate life.

In their insightful conversation, Delaney Parker sheds light on her creative process and the motivations behind crafting an erotic narrative. She intricately weaves Margaret’s yearnings for motherhood, her intimate needs, and the challenges posed by her tumultuous marriage into a compelling storyline.

Moreover, the discussion extends beyond the pages of the book, delving into Delaney’s battle with MS. She shares candidly about the hurdles she faced, advocating for her health, and drawing strength from her experiences.

Betsy and Delaney also address the topic of gender inequalities in healthcare, highlighting the importance of receiving respectful and dignified treatment regardless of gender. Through their discussion, “Grace” not only shines as a literary masterpiece but also serves as a profound mirror reflecting the diverse facets of the human condition.

Supplying the audio interview featuring Betsy Wurzel and Delaney Parker’s struggle against MS and gender disparities.

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