Hidden Animal Pain: What the Public Needs to Know


Jackie welcomes the medium, and psychic artist, Myra Bowman to the Show. Myra is the editor of ‘The Medium,’ a quarterly magazine for the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums, and the author of ‘Spiritualism and Mediumship, the Manual.’ Myra has 2 daughters and tragically has a stillborn son in the spirit realm who she often saw playing with her daughters’ toys! Myra offers private sittings, and after painting beloved spirit people and animals, sitters return with photographs confirming the accuracy of Myra’s spirit art!

Jackie and Myra talked about people not being aware of the tortuous suffering and murder animals endure and not associating supermarket animal flesh with murdered sentient innocent beings. Fellow animals, birds, and fish feel pain, having the same nerve endings as us. Animals and birds experience rapid eye movement, dreaming sleep, just like us, yet these vulnerable innocents are often tasered to face agonizing murderous atrocities!

Providing the Audio Interview with Jackie and Myra in the hidden pain that animals have:


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