Lisa Skinner discussed slavery conditions in the Antebellum period, the different rebellions that took place, The Underground Railroad, The Emancipation  Proclamation, and discussed who Frederick  Douglass was.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed how human trafficking is a multi-billionaire dollar industry,  The USA is regarded as a destination country for human trafficking, what human traffickers look for in a victim, how predators go on the dark web for victims, and told a story about a victim who was in the sex trade!

Betsy Wurzel discussed how there were breeding farms for slaves, women were forced to have children which were sold, and slaves were branded to show they were someone’s property. Betsy also discussed safety tips and some stranger danger tips that you should teach your children.

We are providing the Audio Commentary with Lillian, Lisa, and Betsy the Preditors and their Victims:

Lillian Cauldwell would like listeners to please give their comments if you were ever approached by a human trafficker, how did you feel, were you ever a victim? Have your children ever been approached by someone? Please Join the Facebook Page:
We need to be aware of our environment and what is going on around us!


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