How sports becomes a vehicle for escape and recovery



Seeing Michigan and Michigan States’ basketball teams pay respects to the victims of the (MSU) Michigan State University shooting is a reminder of not only humanity but how sports becomes a vehicle for escape and recovery ( though it can’t remove the pain completely or undo what happened). Kudos to both schools for doing the right thing that night.

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  • by Tracy Wright
    Posted February 28, 2023

    This link goes to the James Cooley show. Not to the Dan Riley Sports Talk podcast

    • by
      Posted March 4, 2023

      Hi Tracy

      Thank you for advising us on the Link problem on Dan Riley’s page. We will have our Web Designer check this out.
      Very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the URL Problem.
      Have a wonderful weekend
      Jeanne White
      Station Manager

  • by Scott Dubois
    Posted March 1, 2023

    Nice Read
    What a great show last night! Michigan State and Michigan basketball paid respects to the victims of the shooting and it was a reminder of just how much we have in common.
    Scott Dubois
    Civic Edge Lifestyle

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