Dak Prescott’s gruesome injury leaves A rusty Andy Dalton to lead Dallas’ offense this season. Want the playoffs, Andy?   Nothing but deep passes and runs should be an option on Sundays this year, because the Cowboys need to worry about running the clock out and kicking field goals to win! Join in and listen to Dan Riley talk about sports and the Dallas Cowboys:  Click here to listen… Dan Riley has a Channel on Spotify.  […]

  While I may be happy with my career, I know too many Millennials and Generation Zers feel cheated by the economy, and they have every right. Let me tell you this story. In 1999, Barry Sanders retired from football, knowing a Super Bowl wasn’t in the cards for him. In so doing, he revealed to us a job is part of your identity, not all of it. In an age where too many feel […]

  The NFL returned last week, and we couldn’t be more grateful, because suddenly the “play hurt” mindset has bled over into real life.  Too many have to go back to work after losing a loved one as Brett Favre did, and we find ourselves “playing hurt” as we lose loved ones, jobs, and what’s left of our innocence. The fighting spirit of entire Cities May rests on their NFL franchises. At least they’ll get […]

Ted Bitter, the owner of the BeanRunner Cafe, and head coach of the Westchester Striders track team is Toni Quest’s guest on this episode of the Energy Stoners™ Cafe.   The BeanRunner is steeped in jazz & music history and features live musical performances. The Westchester Striders track team is dear to Ted Bitter’s heart as his community.  They discuss the efforts he took to keep his track team and restaurant afloat during the pandemic. Join […]

Dan Riley host of sports Talk Radio discusses how Buckner was thrown under the bus for Sox’s loss in 1986 World Series In Spite of playing with bad legs and a supporting cast that made equally crucial mistakes, Bill Buckner has wrongly become the scapegoat for a certain infamous World Series loss in 1986. Whether people want to hear it or not, everyone who took the field for the Sox’s that night(and their coaching staff) […]

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