Episode 6 -Today on “Lest We Forget” we discussed how women treat each other in the workplace.

In this Podcast, you will hear Lillian Cauldwell, Lisa Skinner, and Betsy Wurzel discusses the issues of women in the workplace.  The following is just a sample of what you hear in this podcast.

Lillian Cauldwell spoke from her personal experiences of what she experienced in the workplace and how she noticed the difference in behaviors between male and female workers. Lillian also discussed how women were frowned upon when they had to take time off due to family reasons. Women were not paid for their time off but men were paid.
Lisa Skinner discussed “Queen Bee Syndrome “, Organizational behaviors, female rivalry, and internalized sexism among women, and talked about different personality types. Lisa Skinner discussed the movie “12 Angry Men” and the different personality types that were in the movie.
Betsy Wurzel discussed her own experiences in the workplace and different interviews that were about bullying in the workplace. Betsy would like to know why women are not supportive of other women in the workplace. Betsy discussed how wonderful it is to be mentored and to have a positive work experience which was with Lillian Cauldwell, CEO of PWTRN, and Jeanne White, Station Manager of PWTRN.
Betsy finds it puzzling as to why some nurses, teachers, and others in the helping professions are known to be difficult to work with! Betsy gives a call to action for women to work and support each other so all can be successful! Betsy is speaking from her own experiences.
We are providing the Audio Commentary with Lillian, Lisa, and Betsy with women in the workplace.

Have you had any bullying experiences or positive experiences? Would you be willing to share your experiences?  Contact Lisa, Lillian, or Betsy if you would be interested in Speaking with one of them.
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