The violence is happening everywhere, YOU need to take precautions
Look and listen to your surroundings and Be prepared!
Is This A Silent Epidemic
Sheila Wilson R.N. BSN, MPH, Host of Whine & Cheese guest today is  ER Nurse Practioner Regan
In this interview, ER Nurse Practioner Regan discusses her encounter with a Violent Patient in the ER one evening. The violent patient scratched her face and neck and continues coming at her. It and became very intense in the ER. Security did come however they could not use their Taser because there was no weapon noted! No knife or gun.   You will be truly surprised at the end of her story what really saved her.
What is your facility doing about it?  Good Questions!  If you don’t think it can happen to you, think again, it can happen.
To listen to this interview with Shiela Wilson and ER Nurse Practioner Regan:   Click here to listen…
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