Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in.

The show has been taking a deep dive into key themes on living fearlessly in the post-pandemic world. In this episode, Dr. Gordon MacMillan introduces the theme of Spiritual Healing.

The show explores how spiritual healing practitioners read illness as a “message” that we have an inner conflict to resolve because there are imbalances in our system. They gain remarkable insights into the true nature of ‘dis-ease’ by treating physical symptoms with mind-body and spiritual healing practices.
From this perspective, heart attacks are often associated with the loss of territory, if considered from an energetic perspective. Cancer may result from repressed emotions and resentment – and by extension, breast cancer may reflect strained relationships with your kids.

The show today is a recent interview between Holistic Health Counselor, Cathrine Silver, and Dr. Mandy Simon. The interview was recorded as part of a 21-day online speaker series for the Finding Your Holy Grail Community. Throughout April, an amazing line-up of inspiring global leaders are
sharing their insights on how the energy of the planet has been shifting with the pandemic. It’s called “Achieve Your Goals – a New Paradigm! Solutions for the post-pandemic world.”  It’s free to participate, and listeners can sign-up at

Join in and listen to this interview with Dr. Mandy Simon and Cathrine Silver: Click here to listen…

If you prefer to watch the video with Dr. Mandy Simon and Cathrine Silver

The Show’s Call to Action is to remind yourself that you have both a physical body and a spirit and then to:
1.  Reflect on a time when you have had a health scare. What else was going on in your life then?
Consider other influences that might have contributed to your poor health from a spiritual or energetic
2. Think about your current well-being from a holistic point of view. Are there any unresolved issues,
tensions, or disruptions that might affect your health by causing “dis-ease”?
3. Take an objective look to identify practical steps to get into the right relationship with whatever is
exerting a negative influence on your health right now.

The weekly journal provides extra helpful tools, so I hope you are taking the opportunity to download the weekly journal by Dr. Mandy Simon.  The journals can be very helpful to reflect back on.

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