Lest We Forget begins a new topic how Native Americans were treated in America.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed different views that some American Presidents had about Native Americans.  The discusses how the Native Americans were mistreated by the different immigrants who came over to America!
Lisa Skinner discussed a summary overview of how the Native Americans were mistreated, having to move to isolated areas where there wasn’t any food, and the dwindling numbers of Native Americans from 1492 to the 1900s.  There were 5 million Native Americans in 1492 and 237,000 in 1900!
Betsy  Wurzel discussed how Hollywood portrayed  Native Americans, the miniseries, Centennial which shows how Native Americans were treated, and discussed Ira Hayes who was a World War 2 War hero who helped raised the America Flag at Iwo Jima yet he wasn’t respected because he was a Native American.
We are providing the Audio or Video to listen or watch to this captivating discussion on History and the American Indians:

This is a narrative of what you will hear in the audio video concerning the Native Americans.  It is necessary to discuss these subjects as no one group of people is better than another.  Do you ever wonder why so many people in our society are cruel and mean?  Look at History – it keeps repeating itself thanks to people that think they know better than you!
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