Protecting Your Well-being as a Caregiver


Betsy’s guest is Dr. Deborah Greenhut, a lifelong family caregiver, keynote speaker, educator, podcast guest, professional, and executive life coach. Dr. Greenhut’s professional career has alternated between university teaching and corporate training. She is also a best-selling author and writer of two books: “The Hoarder’s Wife: A Novel” and “The Rational Caregiver: How to Protect Your Life while Taking Care of Other People.”

In this captivating interview, Dr. Deborah Greenhut discusses the importance of caregivers adopting a managerial role rather than trying to be superheroes. We delve into strategies for preventing burnout and avoiding becoming what she terms a “carezilla.” Dr. Greenhut emphasizes the necessity for caregivers to develop a plan, take charge, organize, and maintain control over their responsibilities for both their loved ones and themselves.

We explore the financial challenges caregivers face and the risks to their own health. Dr. Greenhut outlines the importance of distinguishing between a “what to do” list and a “have to” list, urging caregivers to establish priorities and seek outside assistance when needed.

Furthermore, we discuss the significance of knowing available resources, such as geriatric social workers, caregiver advocates, and geriatric nurse managers, who can provide invaluable support and guidance in planning and accessing local resources. Dr. Greenhut shares a sobering statistic: 63 percent of 70-year-old caregivers die before their loved ones. Drawing from her own caregiving experiences with her parents and others, she offers practical insights and advice.

Sharing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. Deborah Greenhut on the journey of a Caregiver:

Betsy highly recommends visiting Dr. Greenhut’s website’s for further information on her work and the resources she provides.


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