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Betsy’s special guest today is Bina Colman, the Founder of Compassionate Callers and Head of Patron Engagement at Parent Projects™. Armed with a degree in Gerontology, Bina became a caregiver for her father who faced dementia in his mid-fifties.

In their conversation, Bina sheds light on the motivation behind creating Compassionate Callers, a distinctive calling service designed to aid caregivers and their loved ones. The collaboration between Compassionate Callers and Parent Projects™ has given rise to Compassionate Concierge.

Bina and Betsy delve into the essential role played by Parent Projects™ and the significance of having a dedicated resource for adult children supporting their parents aged 55 and above. Bina emphasizes that individuals can easily schedule an assessment through a phone call or the website. These assessments are tailored to each person, with services carefully vetted for the individual’s local area.

The discussion highlights the crucial nature of this service, recognizing that individuals are often left bewildered and unaware of available resources upon receiving a diagnosis. Compassionate Concierge stands out as a nationwide service, available in all 50 states.

Bina Colman, drawing from her unique perspective as a young caregiver for her father, empathizes with the challenges adult children face in caring for their loved ones. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, having a reliable resource like Compassionate Concierge becomes increasingly vital to support those involved in caregiving.

We are inserting the audio interview featuring Betsy Wurzel and Bina Colman discussing specialized resources for adult children who are providing support to their aging parents:

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