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#1 Spiritual Pain by Lillian S. Cauldwell
In everyone’s life, a little pain must be felt. Whether it’s Spiritual Pain or Bodily Pain, the results are the same. In some manner, you feel the affects of your pain. How you deal with your pain is individualized.

No two pains are alike. There’s the ‘pain in the neck’ hurt which may be physical discomfort or mental distress. There’s the ‘hurt’ pain from your bone from chronic illnesses, injuries, or a sudden fall which produces bruises. There’s the pain of loss.

When you lose a loved one like a child, spouse, relative or close friend. All of this pain resonates within your soul. When the physical pain passes to the next step, it goes inwards. The pain halts your life’s journey and prevents you from moving forward.

How do I know this? My spouse was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s one year ago. First, I cried, and then made the necessary arrangements for us to live in an independent senior community that has an Alzheimer’s/Dementia unit where my spouse will live once he gets sick enough.

The pain of admittance didn’t defeat me, but it definitely wounded me and produced a pain that hasn’t gone away. Like the pain one feels from arthritis or broken bones, the pain remains behind reminding you that this is real. It won’t go away because you wish it.

Spiritual Pain is like that. It burrows into your soul and becomes a part of you, mind, spirit, soul, and body. It’s not something that one dismisses easily or even puts aside. Some people may take medication to control the pain temporarily.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea. According to the experts, the Opioid Epidemic happened because too many people used drugs to contain their pain. Other people use Pain Management to handle their pain so it doesn’t take over their life.

‘Mind Over Matter’ is what I taught myself. I know that if I think and focus on a particular part of my body where the pain is, I can make it go away. I can dull the pain so I don’t need to take the aspirin. Water therapy helps, but like all therapy once you’re finished doing it, the pain comes back.
Like Spiritual Pain, unless you can vanquish it entirely, the pain comes back and with it a certain sharpness reminding you that your soul’s pain isn’t always adequate to relieve you of the hurt that you, someone else, or something else did to you so that you’re in pain.

“Life is a bowl of cherries” the song says, but when you’re in constant mental, physical, and spiritual pain, there are allot of pits of pain hell to contend with.
Your spiritual pain is a constant reminder that unless you take control of that which besets you, then this pain will never go away and will haunt you for the rest of your life.

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