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  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Preston Coleman, Professor of Communications, and writes satire when not being a professor.  The discussion is on the book  “The Lost Gospel of Donald” that he had written.  ” A Satire, The Lost Gospel of Donald Trump, set against the fall of the Roman Republic and the New Testament, Donald Trump tries to buy off Jesus Christ.”  This book has received excellent reviews on Amazon. To listen to this interview with […]

Betsy Wurzel’s guest on the show today is Deborah Keys, Author of her book “Why do you think I call you Mama.” If you would like to read about the day to day schedule of a caregiver and understand the ups and downs encounter, then we suggest you read this book.  Some parts of the book are funny and some parts are so sad.  This is book is about being a caregiver and to walk […]

This blog was written by Mrs. Ghoulem Berrah Host of Our Common Faith   Before starting our conversation l invite you to observe a moment of silence In honor of Covid-19 victims.  OUR COMMON FAITH –  WHY ARE PEOPLE SO AFRAID?  Fear is a topic common to all human beings because most people tend to be afraid,  1. FEAR IS INTRINSIC TO OUR HUMAN NATURE  It is a human inclination to display fear when confronted […]

  Lillian Cauldwell’s Guest today is Athalia Monae, Author of Why all the Secrets.  Athalia Monare discussed 5 ways you can heal a damaged family relationship.  She will explain the 5 ways with Lillian Cauldwell. “As Athalia Monae exhibited in Why the Secrets, a lack of communication and assumptions can ruin any relationship and cause a world of hurt, resentment, and division.” It can be very uncomfortable to have an honest discussion but is very important […]

i Welcome to The Writer’s Stop with  International Host Elizabeth James. Elizabeth James has a wonderful guest joining her, Stephen Oliver talking about his book Unleash Your Dreams. They discuss how this book is a helpful guide to making your dreams come true and one of the most important ingredients is setting goals.   We all have the ability to make things happen for ourselves and part of the problem for many could be a lack […]

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