Tapping can peel away layers of stress



Sheila Wilson’s guest is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Her name is Betty Ann Lauria. Betty Ann spoke about how she got involved in “This Emotional Freedom Technique” better known as Tapping. Betty Ann explains how tapping is a simple technique, it is like having acupuncture without needles and studies have shown how useful it is. During the interview, she gave Sheila instructions on how to do the Tapping and Sheila talked about the effects she had from it.
Providing the audio interview for information on Tapping and how it can help you:


Betty Ann Lauria has offered free services to any nurse that has anxiety, PTSD, or other issues. Please check out her information and give her a call.
To contact BettyAnn Lauria via phone call:  508-566-0386 or if you prefer to contact via email:   betteyannlauria@gmail.com
For more information on Betty Ann Lauria, we are supplying the Website URL:  Mariposa EFT and Video Planting Seeds
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