Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in.

As we head into the beginning of 2021, the show continues to take a look at key themes for living fearlessly in the post-pandemic world. Throughout January, the spotlight is on our ability to set and goals we can ACTUALLY achieve. To help listeners in uncertain times; and we explore the roles of fear, resilience, beliefs, and blind-spots in this process.

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon explores Part 2: The Importance of Resilience in Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve. She is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator, to discuss moving forward in our lives according to an agenda which is set by ourselves, alone.

Some people experience profound stress when the events of tomorrow cannot be predicted with certainty. But others are more resilient and can manage uncertainty better. The hosts recognize that resilience is a skill set that we can all develop. Over time, we can become more aware of how we’re affected by certain situations – and can learn techniques to become more resilient.

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We remind listeners to have already written goals for January 1st. Then follow along with us each week as we look closely at the topics of fear, resilience, belief systems, and blind-spots. And definitely fill in your workbooks each week. At the end of the month, we will take what you learned and you can where needed modify the goals you wrote down on January 1st This will allow listeners to know the difference between the goals they can ACTUALLY achieve, and NOT just the goals they wrote down!

The Show’s Call to Action is for listeners to:

  1. List your most resilient characteristics and practices. How are you able to bounce back from adverse circumstances in life?
  2. List 5 ways that you could become more resilient.
  3. Consider how you could incorporate more resilient practices in your everyday life.

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 The weekly journal is a very helpful tool, so I hope you are taking the opportunity to download the weekly journal by Dr. Mandy Simon.  Journaling will help you in so many ways. 

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