The Spiritual Elephant with its Bejeweled Headdress



On this 10th Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show,  introduced Rev. Christina Parfitt, a minister with the UK and USA-based Humanist Church and the New Christian Spiritualist Society was founded in the UK, by Rev. Lyn Gibb de Schwartz. Christina is a medium who heals animals and people and is a tutor-trainer with the UK, Lancashire District Healing Association, chaired by David Roe.

Christina told listeners of her mediumistic background and especially her unforgettable experience of a full, life-size, spirit elephant’s appearance at the funeral of Sean and Bex’s father. They run the Ghost Dimensions Show. She was so entranced by this magnificent spirit elephant with its bejeweled headdress, walking around the coffin, she did not hear the
funeral service and will never forget this amazing mediumistic experience of a splendid full-size spirit elephant. She regularly sees spirit animals and pets, many wishing to reunite and convey their love for their human parents. These spirit animals appear in the garden. and peoples’ homes and amongst the congregation in spiritualist church services.
Currently, Christina with Rev. Sally runs a weekly Stand in Faith, Spiritualist Church on Court Road, Southport, in the northwest of England.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Jackie Jones Hunt with Rev. Christina Parfitt:

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