Betsy Wurzel’s guest today is Lizette Cloete, “Think Different” Dementia, Dementia Consultant, and Cognitive Wellness Coach. Some information for Lizette Cloete: Lizette Cloete graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1992 as an
Occupational Therapist. She is the owner of “Think Different” Dementia, a company she established to teach people to think differently about dementia. She strives to help families decrease the effects of dementia. As a diplomat daughter, she has lived in 4 different countries and in 11 different States. She currently calls Greenwood, SC home where she lives with her husband and daughter. They have 12 chickens, 4 cats, and one dog. What Lizette talks about is you will have to “Think Different About Dementia.
To listen to this very informative interview with Betsy Wurzel and Lizette Cloete and thinking differently with Dementia:  Click here to listen…
Cognitive Wellness Coach Facebook: Lizette Cloete OT
There is a Private FB Group: Think Different Dementia

This podcast is emotional as I tell about what  I experienced and what my family went through having a family member in the hospital and dying during Covid.


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