“Eliana Gilad is the founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Wisdom and Healing Music Institute. She is highly proactive in using the power of voice and rhythm as conscious tools to help humanity grow toward a better tomorrow…the promise is for people to be their own leaders. A womenhealing voice mentor and motivational speaker, Eliana has been a keynote speaker at two TEDx events. Her work has been featured in notable publications such as Drummer and Yoga Journal and was showcased in the media from the BBC to the Hindustan Times and in award-winning films. By mastering the art of sound and rhythm, Eliana develops techniques to help people heal mentally and physically.”

Eliana is also a direct descendent of Prophetess Miriam!

 To purchase the book on Amazon:  “Emerge Triumphant” purchase here

A free workshop is offered on this website:  https://www.voicesofeden.com/

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