Exploring the Hypothetical: What If California Seceded from the US?

In a recent episode of “Lest We Forget-Historical,” host Lillian Cauldwell delved into the intriguing question: What would happen if California seceded from the United States? While secession remains extremely improbable, examining the potential consequences sheds light on the delicate balance of power within the US.

The Unlikely Scenario of Secession:

California, the largest state in terms of population, has witnessed internal divisions and tensions. Over the past few years, several initiatives have emerged, proposing to either break California into smaller states or completely sever its ties with the rest of the country. These proposals stem from various arguments:

  1. Economic Interests: Some believe that the federal government no longer adequately represents California’s economic interests.
  2. Governance Scale: Given its size, proper governance might be more feasible if applied at a smaller geographic scale.
  3. Irreconcilable Differences: Fundamental disagreements have arisen between California and the rest of the US.

However, let’s be clear: California is not on the brink of secession. Constitutional law prohibits states from seceding, and a 2017 survey revealed that a bipartisan 68% of Californians oppose such initiatives1.

The Specter of Violence:

If California were to attempt secession, the possibility of violence, even formal war, looms large. While another US civil war seems unfathomable, history reminds us that the southern states did not anticipate lasting conflict when they seceded from the north 157 years ago. The mid-19th century populace likely held similar sentiments before the outbreak of the Civil War1.

A Shift in Political Landscape:

California’s exit would significantly alter the political playing field. The balance of power in Congress would tip, potentially resulting in a one-party nation—Republican. This scenario underscores the deep ideological polarization in today’s America, where Republicans and Democrats find themselves more divided than ever before1.

In summary, while “Calexit” remains a captivating concept, it remains firmly in the realm of speculation. Nonetheless, pondering its implications provides valuable insights into the dynamics of power and politics within the United States.

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