Hello to all.  I am Jeanne White, Station Manager at Passionate World Talk Radio and our Mantra is Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.  Our Hosts provide a wealth of information to our listening audience. We want to provide an opportunity for you to join us at PWTRN where your voice will be heard.

This is a short intro on the subject of being a Host: Click here to listen…

If you have thought of being a Host or want to be a Host please contact us for an interview appointment.  I am supplying the Calendar URL:  https://calendly.com/pwrnetworkllc

We are providing a New Host Special from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend for $100 a month,  1 MP3 audio (4 podcasts per month), and your audio will be posted to Spreaker Platform.

So what do you think of this opportunity? Seriously, I mean it, contact us.  Be part of an Internet Station that makes a difference between our Host and our Audience.

Both Lillian Cauldwell, CEO of PWTRN, and me, Jeanne White, Station Manager look forward to speaking with you.  The URL to schedule an appointment is: https://calendly.com/pwrnetworkllc

Make it a Brilliant Day

Jeanne White
Station Manager
Passionate World Talk Radio


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