Today’s guest is  Dr.Virgie Bright Ellington an Internal Medicine Physician, Medical Billing Expert, Patient Advocate, and Author of “WHAT  YOUR DOCTOR WANTS YOU TO KNOW TO CRUSH MEDICAL DEBT”.  A Health System Insider’s 3 Steps To Protect Yourself  From America’s #1 Cause Of Bankruptcy.

Dr.Virgie discusses what incident motivated her to write this book and goes into detail about the 3 steps to take to crush medical debt!  Dr.Virgie explains how important  CPT codes are and why we must have this information. There is a way to negotiate prices and payments which Dr. Virgie discusses, Dr also discusses in this interview why you should ask open-ended questions and stated, “80 to 90 percent of billing statements have billing mistakes”!
We are supplying the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. Virgie Ellington on Medical Debt and how to handle it.
Dr.Virgie invites everyone to download the free 3 steps to take to crush medical debt on her website.
This interview has very valuable information for you.
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