How do you talk to a Doctor that thinks you over dramatic with your concerns. I am sure their are many of you that have had that experience.
Well Betsy Wurzel is discussing the appointment for her husband Matt and the doctor that thought she was over dramatic.

Betsy talked about the Clock they use as a test. Dr said even if they knew what the test showed, there is still nothing he could do.  Are all Dr’s clueless to what they are saying.  Giving no Hope to the Individual and their Family.  One would wonder.  This is an excellent audio by Betsy.  No matter what, Betsy ask questions for the many that are just starting their journey as a caregiver.  You have to keep pressing for more answers and help.

I know that this a series for the caregivers with loved one that has a diagnosis of form of dementia. There are many caregivers that helping a loved one with a health illness.  All caregivers are trying to help their loved ones with an Illness and need support from the Medial Community.

I am sure their are many Doctors that are working to help the family but you have to wonder about some Doctors that feel so superior that feel that they know all.  To all caregivers make your voice heard.  Betsy Wurzel is doing just that, being an advocate for all caregivers and their loved ones.

I always recommend that you contact Betsy via Facebook. You can talk with her about Doctor Visits or anything else you may want to talk about, concerning being a caregiver for a loved one with Alziheimer’s.

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