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This episode on Chatting with Besty is with Betsy Wurzel and Maria Khader and the subject of Advance Directive. Advance Directive, a written statement on the wishes of an individual on medical treatment, sometimes a living will maybe be included that communicates all your wishes. Maria Khader and Betsy Wuszel speak about the many reasons for having an Advance Directive.  We suggest that you contact your attorney for legal advice on an Advance Directive. To […]

Lillian Cauldwell interviews Jack Grace Founder of HomePromise Corporation.  This corporation helps veterans find the finances to purchase a home.  The veterans are amazing people and HomePromise now goes one step further and now will providing a video series. for veterans with their stories. This is an amazing interview, please listen to how they will help veterans purchase a home. There is major information for the Veterans.   Let me tell you all if it was […]

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy tells her story on how a young woman found her voice and became an Advocate. Betsy speaks about the beginning to be her son Josh’s advocate.  That was the beginning of the journey of being an advocate. There are many ways Betsy speaks about her role as an Advocate.   Betsy is a seasoned caregiver and has been on this journey for many years.  Many caregivers have a wealth […]

  Betsy Wuzel host at Chatting with Betsy is interviewing Sean Smith has been a caregiver for 15 years. Sean started as a hospice volunteer and volunteering for hospice is where he found his passion.  When Sean married his wife who is also a caregiver with over 28 years of and for similar reasons they share the same passion for improving the quality of life for all seniors. The Company that they started is called […]

  Come and speak with  Dr. Marianne Matzo host of Everyone Dies on Spreaker 6 PM (EST) – Wednesday, July 8, 2020  You can speak with Dr. Marianne Matzo on live streaming and talk about questions you may have on a loved one that is dying.  You may have other questions concerning death and how to handle it. Whatever the questions you may have, call in and speak with Dr. Marianne Matzo.  Dr. Marianne Matzo […]

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