Weight Stigma and The Plus-Size Movement



Today’s Guests are the following:

– Dr. Michael Mantell: Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Advisor.  www.drmichaelmantell.com

-James King MD: Entrepreneur, CEO of The Resort, and the Founder of Plus-Size Certified.

– Evelyn Wilson: Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling Co-Author, and Certified Master Life Coach. Website: www.Evelynflows.com

– Liz Hunt: United States Airforce Veteran, Owner of Anytime Fitness (Callaway), Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C), and Personal Trainer. https://youtu.be/rGlZbxgTfpA

We are providing the Audio interview with this impressive Guest List with James Cooley on Weight Stigma that affects so many individuals. Click here to listen…

Discussion points:
• Educating the public about the Plus-Size Movement
• Discuss how certain needs of the Plus-Size Community are not being met and what is being done to resolve this.
• Discuss weight stigmas at the Gym and other places.
• Learn about the vacation resort called “The Resort”

J.C. Cooley Foundation  “Equipping the Youth of Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow.”

Contact Information:

James Cooley

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