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  Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy is interviewing Shaikha Alothman, a researcher, entrepreneur, and former Public Health professional. She is an MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35, and a member of the MIT I-Corps program. This is a very informative interview on the research that is happening for the caregiver.   It is a difficult role to have as the caregiver as there is Isolation, Loneliness, and the Stigma they all may encounter. “Expert […]

Call 484-258-1876 and speak with Dr. Marianne Matzo, FAAN host of Everyone Dies on Passionate World Talk Radio (Spreaker.com) 6:00 PM (EST) – Wednesday, July 22, 2020 You can speak live with Dr. Marianne Matzo, FAAN on live streaming and talk about questions you may have about palliative care, serious illness, dying, death, or bereavement.  Dr. Matzo is a certified nurse practitioner with expertise in oncology, hospice, and palliative care.  This is your opportunity to have your questions answered […]

Betsy Wurzel’s guest on Chatting with Betsy is Kelly Bone and the discussion on the genetic testing done that revealed she had two APOE4 genes and the diagnosis for Early Onset Dementia. Kelly speaks about how she is taking care of herself as best as possible, but at some point, decisions will have to be made when the quality of life changes for her.  End of life decisions can be a controversial subject but is […]

Betsy Wurzel guest on Chatting with Betsy is Lynn Lambrecht. Founded of The Living Planner, discuss the” practical and personalized strategies.”   The book was written for many reasons and one is what happens if you are in an accident, now what happens. Who is going to step in and be your voice?  That is one of the many. subjects that are in the book “The Living Planner”.  There is a wealth of information in the […]

Whine and Cheese Show with Host Sheila Wilson.  The guests that will be on the Whine and Cheese Show today with Sheila Wilson, RN, will be Elizabeth Dalton, RN, Amy Smith, RN, and Beckett Augat, RN.  The discussion will be on the COVID-19 and the Nurses working in an abused environment on the front lines. It is amazing that this type of abuse is still alive and well. The hospitals maybe denying staff enough equipment […]

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