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What a roller coaster year 2020 was for all of us throughout the world.  This new year 2021 will give us many opportunities to start new again and help us to rebuild our world and perhaps bettering ourselves.  Anything is possible.       The Staff at Passionate World Talk Radio


We want to announce that our Shows are now heard 24/7 on Radio. co.   You can now listen to our Host Shows on Radio. co 24/7 If you have a special request to be heard on our station via, please let us know. The request could be to talk about an event that will be happening or to request to do a live show on Radio co.  If you are a musician and want […]

Let me introduce new Host Shannon Zeeman, Host of “The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day” With Halloween around the corner, we wanted to talk about a popular trend out there that is dangerous for our children. Have you heard of THC Goodies?  THC Goodies comes in all forms from Gummies, hard candy, chocolate bars, and even baked goods. These types of recreational or medicinal THC products are rarely regulated and if consumed can cause […]

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