By Jeanne White and Vicki Zandier
May 26, 2022

Toni Quest held a conversation with Pamela Hallman-Johnson on this week’s podcast. Pamela Hallman-Johnson is the owner of “Lily of the Valley Floral Design.” Her deep love for flowers was not always her reality.

A pivotal moment in Pamela Hallman-Johnson’s life was when she was given a small 5-inch Japanese Maple to plant and care for. This small plant rekindled her love for flowers, gardening, and horticulture.

Toni Quest learns more about her business and her passions in life.  Pamela Hallman-Johnson shares her love for floral arrangements and how they can change the mood of an event or make someone happy when they receive an arrangement. Flowers can bring happiness and Pamela strives to create this sense of happiness in everyone she meets.

Toni Quest and Pamela Hallman-Johnson discussed ‘sip-n-petals’ events. This is an event that incorporates food, flowers, and fun. People enjoy food and end the day by learning how to create their own floral arrangements. These events have shown great success and Pamela Hallman-Johnson is always open to new attendees.


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