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  Making Change by Susan Graham   My two children were young in 1990 when I received my decennial census form to fill out. They are biracial, I am White and their father is Black. According to the census directions, I was required to pick only one race for them. Wanting to do the right thing, I called the Census Bureau. They put me on hold repeatedly trying to find an answer. A supervisor got […]

                                                                                                                                         WHINE & CHEESE   On Memorial Day, […]

Sheila Wilson is Founder and President of Stop Health Care Violence Non Profit.  Sheila is an advocate for finding solutions for the epidemic of Nurses that are harmed and and killed by patients or the patients family in a hospital setting.  You really need to understand that what is happening to the Nurses is totally unacceptable.  These Nurses are  leaving the profession that they loved because of he injuries they have.   Below is a Blog […]

EVERY CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO BE LOVED You’re loved when you’re born. You’re loved when you die. But who’s going to love you in-between? Physician and author, Beverly Hurwitz, M.D., wants to know how states that deny women access to safe abortion, plan to care for the all of the unwanted children that will be born because of these restrictions. It’s estimated that 37% of pregnancies are accidental and more than 13% of woman […]

Dan Riley  Dan show today is on the College Cheating Scandal.   I guess the rich have their way all the time  There will be some sort of trial to please the general public but we all know that they probably will see NO jail time.  These rich individuals believe they are above the law and they are probably right. I know some individuals that work to help support their college children, if they are lucky […]

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