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“Nanawatai or protection must be given to all who ask, no matter the circumstances.” The second great law of the Afghans   It was almost dawn when we pulled up to an adobe compound near Peshawar, Pakistan. Sattar, the man who rescued me from the horrific car accident that had just killed my husband Zeman, pounded on the wooden door in the compound’s wall. A sleepy servant answered, and words were exchanged. The servant’s master […]

Welcome to Passionate World Talk Radio Are you thinking of becoming a Host at Passionate World Talk Radio We have the following types of shows and length of time.  Call us for more information.  Jeanne White, Station Manager    a) Blog b) Podcast c) 30-minute show d) 60-minute show e) Video (15 minutes or less) f) Virtual remote video (20 minutes or less) Let’s talk about you being a Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  […]

The Illusion Of Truth Those declaring themselves as to having no “No Religion” topped a survey of Americans’ religious identity. Ryan Burge, a political scientist at Eastern Illinois University and a Baptist pastor, found that 23.1% of Americans now claim no religion. The rise of those declaring themselves as non-religious began in the early 1990s and has grown 266% since 1991, Burge said. Robyn Blumner, executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & […]

    What type of massage to choose for each need? Benefits Of Massages Until some time ago, the massage was seen only as a superfluous resource, used for the comfort of people of higher social levels. However, nowadays it is accessible to all classes and is no longer seen merely as a kind of unnecessary luxury. The massage applied by a good professional, in its diversifications, can generate benefits for health, well being and […]

MATERNAL INSTINCT IS A MYTH By Beverly Hurwitz MD   People who believe that every fertilized egg should become a child, seem to also believe that maternal instinct will provide for this child, or it will be successfully adopted.  Biology and history do not support these beliefs.   Just as some women are extremely fertile, while others can never conceive, some women choose to mother multiple children, while others have zero interest in motherhood or […]

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