There Is Still Time: 80 Strangers. 40 Countries. 1 Message

This show today is with Cameron Brown International Speaker and major influencer on making a difference. You will hear how Cameron accomplished this with so many strangers, 80 to be exact.
I have always said that one person can make a significant impact in the World. Many do not believe this and stay silent but then a person like Cameron Brown comes along and says Yes we can and then makes a major impact in the World.

Cameron’s purpose is to inspire all of us to make changes in the world, and that despite our differences, we are stronger together and alike in so many ways.
What a powerful thought that this truly possible. Cameron met 80 strangers in 40 Countries that became friends and created a very powerful message through Music. Cameron was also invited to the TEDTALK ROMA to share his story about 80 strangers in the beginning and how Music made memorable friendships.

Here is Cameron’s page on Facebook please check out his page and see what he is doing in this world.that will impact us all. Also sending the press page
How lucky we are to have this beautiful human being in our World

Make it a Brilliant day
Enjoy the show and perhaps you may be inspired to make a difference. Does not matter how big or small to make an impact in the World. Look if you feel inspired to send me a note via email – here is my address: You may want to tell me what you plan on doing to make a difference. Just Enjoy the radio show.
Jeanne White
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