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I wanted to show you a before and after picture of Heidi Wilde on her journey to get her health back on track. You can see just that in her smile and confidence. I really enjoyed this show with Heidi.  I love it when someone has the passion to make a difference and this is what I felt talking to Heidi.   You will get honesty and passion working with Heidi to help you with your […]

Let me ask you something. Which is more important to you? This:   or This?  I came across an article the other day written by Angel Bradbery in The Public Citizen News. In the article, she provides the reader with a few facts that many of us don’t really hear about in the news. Whether this is by design or default, I am not yet sure, but I thought it important enough to share what […]

Do You Know What Your President is Doing? By Lillian S. Cauldwell If you don’t, shame on ALL OF US. President Trump has allied himself with the overzealous religious RIGHT ALLIES who want to redefine our Constitutional Rights to their way of thinking. Can Mr. Trump do that? Will Mr. Trump and his RELIGIOUS RIGHT ALLIES be allowed to do that. CONSIDER this! With a new bill pending that Mr. Trump wants to sign into […]

  6.28.19  Saving the Right Whale with Dr. Sarah Sharp Help save the Right Whale. Urge your Senator to vote for protective measures keeping humans from harming the right whale with their boats and fishermen from catching them involuntarily in their fishing nets. Keep plastic out of the oceans. Save the right whales food!

  6.10.19  Interview on Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Carl Tilibit, A documentary film on ‘Obesity.’

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