Tipping the Balance

8.21.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Interviewed Megan Schleck, COINS, companies investing in changes within the United States

8.13.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Interviewed Author & Certified Nurse, Nina Venturella, who wrote a book called “Unveiled Truth.” What the doctor doesn’t tell you will harm you! Nina Venturella has been a nutritionist, instructor and personal trainer for over 26 years. Nina launched her first weight loss and wellness center, Spa-tacular Health in 2006. It was then with a client who struggled with edema that she realized she had this amazing process for […]

MATERNAL INSTINCT IS A MYTH By Beverly Hurwitz MD   People who believe that every fertilized egg should become a child, seem to also believe that maternal instinct will provide for this child, or it will be successfully adopted.  Biology and history do not support these beliefs.   Just as some women are extremely fertile, while others can never conceive, some women choose to mother multiple children, while others have zero interest in motherhood or […]

Ghandi fasting for political protest against the British. However, most individuals when they fast they’re not thinking about staging a political protest against an alien country. When individuals fast, they do it for several reasons. Dieting. Cleansing. Weapon. We all know many people, especially women, use intermittent dieting as a part of their diet to lose weight. Is it wise? The science of it, that is the medical community, doesn’t always agree. Let’s take a […]

7.19.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian, Interviewed Dr. Rosemarie Burgos, Dairy Nutritionist, PhD A family-owned multi-generational Dairy Farm, Dr. Rosemarie Burgos is also a Dairy Nutritionist. Her family has run a dairy operation for generations. Started by her grandparents and shared by additional family members, their dairy has grown large. People interested in working with animals are screened and then trained before being allowed to work with the cows. “Her Ladies” all have personalities and […]

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