Today’s esteemed guest is Ann B. Parson, a distinguished science journalist renowned for her insightful coverage of environmental, medical, and technological topics. With a prolific portfolio spanning various publications and non-fiction books, Ann now ventures into the realm of fiction with her latest work, “The Birds of Dog: A Historical Novel Based on Mostly True Events.” In our enlightening conversation, Ann shares her motivations behind delving into fiction and sheds light on the fascinating narrative set in the nascent days of the Boston Society of Natural History.

Our discussion encompasses the genesis of the book’s title and Ann’s decision to craft a narrative rooted in historical truths. We delve into the correspondence exchanged between Catherine Pickering and her cousin, Charles Pickering, illuminating pivotal scientific developments of the era. From the inception of the Audubon Society to encounters with luminaries visiting Boston, the conversation traverses the creation of the city’s first public aquarium and the intricacies of Catharine’s romantic entanglements, particularly with James Cutting.

Through her debut fiction work, Ann endeavors to offer readers a deeper understanding of the evolution of science and technology, prompting reflection on the profound impact of technological advancements on our world.

We are inserting the audio interview with Betsy Wuzel and Ann B. Parson in this blog on the Intersection of Science and Fiction: 👉 Click here to listen…

For those intrigued by Ann B. Parson’s insightful perspective, Betsy extends a warm invitation to explore more of her work and engage with her via her website.


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