Digital Accessibility and Non Compliance Website could be a Financial Risk

Jeanne White – Station Manager


Well, the Interview with Mike McKenna on Digital Accessibility was an eye-opener for me.  Sometimes you do not realize that not everyone has accessibility to the Internet. I know sometimes we take for granted the ability to click on the computer and have access to everything on the Web.  How can you access the Web if the company does not have some sort of means for you to access the website?  Mike McKenna speaks about how his company can help ensure your website has digital accessibility that is required by The American with Disabilities Act.  “Any business considered a Public Accommodation should have an ADA compliant website”   Not to be in compliance could be a financial penalty.

To find out if your website is in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act contact Ken McKenna or Chris Herlihy for a Free assessment on your website.  This is important to be sure your website is in compliance.  There is a form on the website to complete for a free assessment. I really suggest that you  complete the form and send to Mike McKenna ASAP

Listen to what Mike McKenna advised on Website Accessibility and really why it is importantClick here to listen…

Mike McKenna, Managing Partner with Chris Herlihy, the Managing Partner at Adaptable.  To review their website: – The Facebook page

Suggest you check out the website and Facebook page and contact them for more information on your website accessibility.  To contact Ken McKenna with the questions for your website or Chris Herlihy, with the questions for your website

Mike McKenna is the President of Shotgunflat. To review that website 
The FaceBook page for Shotgunflat is

To contact Mike McKenna, regarding your website accessibility or question you may want to ask 

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