Today, Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Kathryn Shoaf Speer, R.N., BSN, ATP, and Franchise Owner at Elite Cruises and Vacations. Kathryn is a Cruise and Travel Specialist with a wealth of experience in Geriatric Neurology and Dementia care. With over 20 years of clinical and management expertise in Geriatric Rehabilitation and Senior housing, she is well-versed in luxury travel, VIP services, faith-based journeys, accessibility concerns, and specialized care such as Diabetes and Cancer support. Kathryn shares her journey into cruise ship travel, discussing both the joys and challenges inherent in her role.

During the conversation, Kathryn emphasizes the importance of self-care and the profound impact of creating lasting memories on vacation. She highlights the workshops available onboard, tailored to assist caregivers, as well as the therapeutic benefits of music and art for both caregivers and their loved ones. Recognizing the need for caregivers to have time for themselves, Kathryn assures that trained staff are on hand to provide dedicated care for their charges.

With an experienced and professional team accompanying her on each cruise, Kathryn discusses upcoming voyages to Alaska, Norway, and the Caribbean aboard Holland America Line Cruise Ships. She commends the exceptional service provided by the staff on these cruises, underscoring the value of their support.

Kathryn’s work offers a beacon of hope, demonstrating that individuals with chronic illnesses or dementia can still enjoy the pleasures of cruising. The conversation also touches on the broader theme of living life to the fullest.

Join us for an insightful interview featuring Betsy Wurzel and Kathryn Speer as they share their journey of creating innovative solutions for individuals coping with illness or dementia to enjoy shared vacations:

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Betsy encourages listeners to explore Elite Cruises and Vacations’ website for further details on the diverse range of cruises available.

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