Having intuitions that can’t be explained


Today’s guest is  Alicia McBride an International best-selling Author and Writer of “I Feel Too Much, A How-To Guide for the Beginner Empath and “THE EMPATH EFFECT, POWERFUL STORIES OF LOVE, COURAGE  & TRANSFORMATION.

A little about Alicia she is s Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Founder and President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Alicia and Betsy discuss her book and the common thread among the different writer’s stories of feeling different, sensitive, feeling uncomfortable, and having intuitions that can’t be explained! In this interview,  Alicia discusses how we should get comfortable in the discomfort of our feelings.
They discussed in this interview how Empaths have to protect their energy. Plus empaths feel ill around toxic people!   Alicia has a deep passion to help and heal others, helping people realize their intuition, and to support Empaths!
We are providing the Audio Interview. Please listen to this engaging interview with Betsy Wurzel and Alicia McBride:

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