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Today’s guest is Rayna Neises, Author and Writer of “No Regrets: Hope For Your Caregiving  Season”, Founder of Season of Caring, Host of A Season of Caring Podcast which is heard on various platforms, Editor of Content Caregiver Magazine, International  Coach  Federation Certified  Coach, Life Leadership Coach, and  Positive Approach to CareTrainer.

Betsy and Rayna discussed her book, and the magazine for Caregivers. Rayna was a Caregiver to both of her parents who had Alzheimer’s and discussed how she started her podcast to help caregivers know that they are not alone and to provide resources to help caregivers. Rayna discussed how her training as a Life Leadership Coach helped her with caregiving and transition to her business, A Season of Caring.

Rayna discussed how important self-care is for the caregiver, and how important it is for the caregiver to check in on themselves by asking the following questions, How am I doing? What’s going well? Rayna also suggested asking yourself the same questions about your loved one, How is your loved one doing?, What’s going well? Rayna helps caregivers by making space for them, asking the caregivers, What’s important to you? and encouraging to maintain their own life while caregiving.

We are providing the audio interview with Betsy and Rayna on helping caregivers with how important self-care is for them.

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