Today is the last day of June and is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Betsy Wurzel discussed what her experiences were with her mother-in-law and her late husband, Matt who had Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  What Betsy encourages is education about your loved one’s diagnosis, how education made a difference with Matt’s journey, and how we must advocate for our loved ones, and to celebrate holidays and birthdays, enjoy life, and the importance of planning such as the Power of Attorney for  Medical and Financial affairs.  Betsy encourages anyone who is having any memory concerns to please speak with your Primary Care Physician!

Lisa Skinner discussed her experiences with her grandmother and her work experiences as a behavioral specialist and certified dementia care practitioner. Lisa also discussed how Alzheimer’s will increase by 2050, the Alzheimer’s Association has had an increase in funds for research in 2023, and why education and knowledge are so important.

Lisa discussed how the caregiver must live in their loved ones’ world.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed her experiences caring for her late husband, Barry and asked for assistance with caregiving and the toll caregiving has on a caregiver.

We are providing the important Audio Interview with Lillian, Lisa, and Betsy on the challenges faced by many caregiving:

Call To Action: What are your stories that you want to share that may help New Caregivers in their journey of Caregiving?

Lillian Cauldwell would like the audience to participate by texting questions or comments to 484-364-1032.

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