Your Skin tells your Story for Cancer Treatment

Holly Brown speaks with Victoria, Cancer Survivor, how Holly Brown and her Team made such an impact on her life and journey with Cancer Treatment on the techniques team provided for Victoria. Victoria was Holly’s first client at Looking and Feeling Fab. This was the beginning of this non-profit helping the many individuals who may need help with issues with their skin.

Victoria speaks very candidly on her cancer treatment.  Victoria heard Holly Brown speak at an event on Looking & Feeling Fab during her treatment for Cancer.  This meeting and would change her life on hearing there was help for the skin issues she was having with treatment.  Would you like us to tell your Story?

To listen to this very inspiring interview with Holly and Victoria; Click here to listen…

If you prefer watching the interview with Holly and Victoria –

I hope that you found this interview informative and perhaps will contact  Holly Brown and her team for help when we have been released from this quarantine we are all in.  Perhaps you could contact Holly Brown and her Team to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one that is going through some trying times with medical treatment.  I am sure the person that receives the gift certificate will give you a huge HUG! Call up Holly and ask about the gift certificate program.  Plus it will help this Non-Profit to be able to stay in business.  There is no other Non-profit that provides services like Looking and Feeling FAB, that provides care for you and your skin from chemo and other types of cancer therapy.

For more information on Holly Brown and Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc on Facebook you can contact Holly   Click here
Holly’s website is a very informative website with much information about the treatment they provide with Skin Care assistance after cancer treatment.   Looking and Feeling Fab   
I would appreciate it if you could please share this Post. There are many that have ended their cancer treatment and they could use this information to help them with some skin issues.  I ask to please share this information provided by Holly Brown that could help that person looking for this information.  You really just never know who you will be helping until you share.
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