Betsy welcomes back Adam C. Hall, who was interviewed back in March. Adam C. Hall is CEO of Genius Studio, Founder of Earth Stewards/United  Earth Keeper Alliance, and Author of “DIVINE GENIUS”, The Unlearning  Curve.

Adam is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Futurist, Social Architect, Impact  Investor, Advisor, and Conservationist. Adam discusses what motivated him to write this book, how we can rewrite our stories, and how important forgiveness is for our own peace.
Adam and Betsy discussed their own personal stories on letting go of guilt, anger, and resentment which gave both of them peace of mind and more positive energy, “guilt is a choice” and “we also have a choice  to take back our power.”
Adam discussed  Global Peace Week, the week of September 26 – 29- 2022 is Global Peace Week.  Also, there is a free Global Oneness Summit from October 15 to October 24th.
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