Halloween Tips for your Pets with Jason Dowd

Written by on October 30, 2019


It is Halloween (Trick or Treat)  and wants to protect our pets during the ghost and goblin time.  Jason Dowd owner of 3 adorable dogs wants it to be safe for them and enjoy all the festivities and for all the children to have a safe and great time going out to Trick or Treat.

I spoke with Jason about Halloween and how it affects your animals.  This was a very fun interview and then to meet the stars of the show was even better.

Jason talks about how this goodie shop came to be,   I will let Jason tell this story.  Out of tragedy comes inspiring solutions to help many and this is just the case for the Gladdysgoodieshop.

To watch this interesting video on how to help your pets during the Halloween trick or treat will be helpful tonight.
To check out this website where you can join Jason’s newsletter and check out the goodies and Christmas outfits for your pets on this website.   Gladdysgoodies

To contact Jason Dowd on his Facebook page for any questions  Click Here

Also, If you have any cute pictures of your pet dressed for Halloween, send it to Jason and perhaps he will put the picture on his website.  I am sure there will be some great pictures.  The email address for Jason Dowd is gladdysgoodies@gmail.com

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